How to correct eyebrows?

How to correct eyebrows?

The shape of the eyebrows affects the appearance of the whole face. With the right adjustment, it is possible to divert attention even from minor imperfections such as drooping eyelids, eyes set close or too far away, or even small wrinkles. There are many adjusting options, so everyone can find the right one for him.

Removing unwanted hair

The easiest way to change the look of your entire eyebrows is, of course, to pluck it. Although the definition of an ideal eyebrow changes according to the latest trends, it is best to start from its natural shape and overall facial appearance.

If you have already decided which hairs do not fit into your ideal eyebrow shape, it is easy to get rid of them. You can pluck them with eyebrow tweezers, which should not be too sharp so as not to injure you, but not too dull to be able to pull out even the finest hairs. Another option is to use a special eyebrow thread. However, you can also quickly remove excess hair with epilation waxes or sugar pastes.

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Does the shape of your eyebrows is okay for you, but it is just a little less pronounced than you would like? There is nothing easier than tinting your eyebrows. It used to be said that eyebrows should be a shade darker than hair colour, but now there is no limit to the imagination. You can choose not only from classic colours such as brown or black, but also from bold neon and others.

When tinting, it is necessary to watch the time for which you let the tint work. The longer, the darker and richer the colour is and the more is tinted the skin. You can often use eyebrow tints to tint eyelashes. Remember that it is usually necessary to mix the tints with an oxidant that is not always included in the package. Tinted eyebrows will save you time and highlight the look for up to 6 weeks.

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Lash and brow tint


One of the newest and most popular trends in eyebrow shaping is its lamination. During lamination, the hairs are combed upwards with special products and fixed in this position for several weeks. This effect can add volume to even sparse and indistinct eyebrows, and a tinting step can be included in it for an even more pronounced result.

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Lash and brow lifting
Lash and brow lifting
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Removing unwanted hair is easy, but what to do if some hair is missing? The ideal solution is microblading. During microblading, the specialist tattoos small eyebrow hairs where they are missing. After the skin has healed, the result looks very natural and lasts for several years. The procedure is not painful, and the result is really worth it.

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Are you missing only a few hairs in your eyebrows? Do you have a gap in it, for example, due to a scar? The solution may be an extension. Eyebrow lengthening is similar to eyelash lengthening. Artificial hair is applied to natural hair using a special transparent glue. Here it is necessary to choose the right colour of artificial hair, so that they are indistinguishable from natural ones. If it is necessary to tint the eyebrows, it has to be done before extending. The application lasts up to several weeks.

Artificial eyebrow
Light Brown
Artificial eyebrow
Artificial eyebrow
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