How to started with volume extensions

How to started with volume extensions?

If you've been doing eyelash extensions for a while, you've certainly come across the term volume eyelashes, Hollywood volume, Russian volume or 3D eyelashes. Behind these expressions are hidden extended and thickened eyelashes using a technique where several artificial eyelashes are glued to one natural eyelash. This technique can be used to create both very subtle, understated looks, as well as bold and extravagant looks. What matters most is the taste of the woman who wears the extended eyelashes.


Prepared fans

The easiest way to thicken eyelashes is to use ready-made fans, which you stick on in exactly the same way as with classic 1:1 extensions. In the Smart Lashes offer, you will find a large number of such fans in different lengths and curves, thanks to which you can shape the client's eyes as needed. This option is very popular with stylists who are just starting out with voluminous extensions. The lash marking is then developed according to the number of lashes in each bunch. For example, if we have 3 artificial eyelashes in a bunch, this is 3D volume eyelashes, etc. The main advantage of using ready-made bunches is the speed of application.

Ultra thin volume eyelashes

For more experienced lash stylists, it is more appropriate to create these fans separately from ultra-thin eyelashes, which are suitable for voluminous extensions. Usually, artificial eyelashes are used in a width from 0.03 mm to 0.1 mm. Choosing the right lash thickness should depend on the quality and condition of your natural lashes as well as the desired final look. Thanks to the correct application of eyelashes, the eye can be both highlighted and modeled. The main advantage of creating your own fans is the economy, when you can create several hundred bunches from one box. Furthermore, you can influence the opening of the fan and the length of the stem, which is very important when shaping the eye and creating modern looks like, for example, Kim K.


Get quality tools

Choosing a quality volume extension tweezer is the key to proper application. We recommend that you always try the tweezers in advance so that you feel comfortable working with them. For volume techniques, more curved tweezers are usually used, with which you can easily create a fan already on the adhesive tape with eyelashes. The main criterion for selection is a tightly closing tip that can precisely grip even the finest eyelashes.

Sticking the fans on the surface

If you don't dare to glue eyelashes to models yet, try the technique on the dirty side. In particular, it is about learning how to make a regular fan, dip it in glue and attach it to the base so that it does not fall apart. A rubber head for practicing application is great for these purposes.