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Currently, two methods are used for eyebrow dyeing: henna or classic eyebrow dyeing. Which method is better? What are the differences between them?

The composition of both products allows effective eyebrow tinting without drying and damaging the hairs. The choice between henna and color depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you want to color only the hair and at the same time get a more natural look of the eyebrows, just use the classic eyebrow color, which colors the skin only minimally and lasts saturated for about 2 weeks.

If you want to color hair and skin, it is better to use henna, which will achieve a more pronounced effect. Henna usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks on the skin and thanks to its application, the eyebrows look as if they are colored with a pencil or shadows. Henna is popular due to the natural dye from the crushed leaves of the plant (lavsonia). Oxidizing agents and other chemical components are not used to prepare henna. Just dilute with water. The only downside is the more modest color palette.
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