Lash glue holders

In this category you will find handy supplies that are used when working with fast-drying adhesives for eyelash extensions. The most popular are crystals, which keep the drops of glue cool and thus prevent premature drying. Furthermore, various types of rings that shorten the way from glue to lash or palette, where you place the crystal and tapes with used lash sizes. Stickers are a great helper, thanks to which you can protect the crystal from dried glue.



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  1. Silicone pad - MINI

    As low as €2.90 was €3.90
  2. Aluminum pads for glue - 300 pcs

    Special Price €4.70 was €6.30
  3. Disposable glue palette - 10 pcs

    As low as €3.60
  4. Jade Stone - Glue Holder

    Special Price €2.00 was €4.70
  5. Crystal - glue pad - SQUARE

    Special Price €3.90 was €5.90
  6. Glass palette for eyelashes

    Special Price €2.90 was €6.30
  7. Glass eyelash palette with marked lengths

    Special Price €2.90 was €4.90
  8. Glass eyelash palette

    Special Price €2.90 was €3.90

22 Items

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