1. November 25, 2019

    Tips for Christmas gifts


    Wondering with a selection of Christmas surprises under the tree? Because there is never enough inspiration, we have prepared some tips to make everyone happy!



    Face Roller - A pink quartz roller helps maintain a supple skin and restores its youthful appearance. It improves blood circulation, supports the functioning of the lymphatic system and relaxes the facial muscles.

    It also reduces dark circles

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  2. August 06, 2019

    Color eyelashes

    Get out! The sun-shining days call for it.

    Your eyelashes don't have to be all colors, just try something more subtle. A great charm will make a delicate colored highlights, which makes you 

    Atypical colored eyelashes are packed separately in one color or in several colors together. Great choice is to apply colored eyelashes with the Ultra Clear glue, which is transparent and makes color eyelashes stand out! Original colored eyelashes are a popular type. Using a small amount of eyelashes can create a charming effect.

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  3. August 06, 2019

    Elastic silicon pads

    NEW! Elastic silicon pads for lash lifting

    • now in our eshop!

    • those silicon pads have improved material and the aplication is pleasant and does not irritate eyes because of that

    • available in 3 sizes and the package contains 10 pieces

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  4. August 06, 2019


    7 reasons why you should buy a humidifier:

    • provides you with necessary moisture in your salon

    • minimizes allergy and eye burning 

    • available in several sizes so you can place them  near to your deck chair

    • you can add aromatic oils and your clients will relax during the application even better 

    • adjust the vapor intensity as needed 

    • diffuser function - humidifier, aroma lamp and air purifier

    • easy for maintenance

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  5. August 06, 2019

    New tweezers Perfect line

    Professional tweezers are the keys of perfect made eyelash extensions.
    You can choose from our offer the one which will fit perfectly into your hands.

    • 3 types

    • surgical steel

    • length 12cm 

    • stainless color 

    • made for gentle work

    • matte surface holds great in hand


    TYP 01

    ideal for searching and separating natural eyelashes

    TYP 45

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  6. January 26, 2018


    Representatives of the gentle sex long ago tried to do something special for their beauty and to enchant men. Decisive was their social class. Look of their eyes was the main object of men's interest. Therefore women and girls started to decorate their eyes and lashes in various ways. Focus on their look caused increasing admiration of men. They decorated not only lashes, but also eyelids, using available colours mainly of natural origin. They embellished their lashes with various minerals, herbs, natural oils and other means. They used to glue these lash decorations with natural waxes. Slowly they came up with an idea of Eyelash Extension achieved b

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  7. January 26, 2018


    3D Eyelash Extension Care is accompanied by several important rules. First of all, it is not recommended to rub your eyes and lids unnecessarily and to sleep on belly with a face lying on the pillow, if possible. Remove makeup with caution using a Cleansing Water and water. Use Makeup Remover Milk and Face Cream carefully in parts around the applied lashes.

    Mascara should be used with caution, too. It should not contain oily substances that could dissolve the used adhesive. Inform cosmetician that you wear eyelash extensions if she is not applying them. Inform Lash Stylist in case that you wear contact lenses.

    Eyelash Extension Care

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  8. January 26, 2018


    Lash nutrition is quite popular not only among Hollywood celebrities but also among wider spectrum of users. If you want to have long lashes, try lash drops or serum. Also castor oil is often used to increase flexibility of lashes.

    Application is carried out individually after makeup removal. Procedure is simple and it takes only few seconds a day.

    We recommend you to try the regenerating Lash Boosting Miracle Grow Serum enhancing growth, volume, strength and lifespan of natural lashes. You can see first results after 2 weeks of use. Your natural lashes will be longer and

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  9. January 26, 2018


    At the beginning try to complete a professional course, it will be a piece of cake for you afterwards. You have to specify correct length and density of lash application prior to the quality application of False Lashes. Professionals know that in order to achieve good result of lash building and extension you have to choose lashes of various lengths. The longest fibres are applied into the outer corner of the eye and we proceed towards the inner corner. When we apply lashes using a 1:1 method, shorter and shorter lashes are used progressively in order to achieve the most natural result. Lashes are manufactured in length from 6 to 20 mm, and t

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  10. January 26, 2018


    Equipment of professional Lash Stylist cannot lack a quality set of professional tweezers. Prevent repeated unsuccessful attempt to grip a synthetic lash and get rid of fatigue and helplessness at the application using the Smart Lashes stainless steel tweezers. We are presenting you the edition of elegant Smart Lashes tweezers for Eyelash Extension. It will enable to compile your own set of 7 types of tweezers (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). Lash application that used to be once lengthy will become a piece of cake.

    Smart Lashes offers tweezers in 3 colour designs: elegant silver, matte black and trendy rainbow. You can choose lengths between 12 and 14 cm. Smart Lashes tweezers will surprise you with their lightness and firmly holding tips that guarantee a t

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