How to proceed with an allergy test?
An allergic test must be performed, especially before the first application of eyelash extensions. Apply 1-2 lashes to the client and if they do not show any allergic reaction within 24 hours, you can safely continue to apply eyelash extensions.
What do 100% Real Mink eyelashes look like?
Combed from Siberian and Chinese mink fur. The thickness of the lashes is variable, only the length is determined. Identical properties as natural eyelashes. Very light. Suitable for the classic eyelash extensions method (eyelash to eyelash) as...
What do Cashmere eyelashes look like?
With flattened cross-section for better lash glue adhesion. Suitable for the classic eyelash extensions method (eyelash to eyelash), not suitable for volume methods. Lighter than classic eyelash types. Suitable for clients with weak natural eyelashes...
What do Easy Fan eyelashes look like?
Designed for volume eyelash extensions methods. Easy fan formation thanks to special placement of lashes on the tape in two layers.
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Lash Glues
How to properly store and use eyelash glue?
All Smart Lashes lash glues are certified and meet the criteria set for cosmetics. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not expose to sudden changes in temperature. Specific storage conditions are given for each lash glue. Intended...
What are the causes of allergic reactions when applying eyelash extensions?
Insufficient humidity Insufficient ventilation Application of eyelash extensions with open eyes Pollen season Failure to observe the expiration time of the adhesive Failure to observe the storage conditions of the products used
Which lash glue is suitable for more sensitive clients?
Sensitive Drying time 2-3 seconds Endurance of eyelash extensions 4-5 weeks Safety Drying time 5-6 seconds Endurance of eyelash extensions 2-3 weeks
Which lash glue to choose?
For professionals with a fast-drying time XD Rapid Sky Volume Black Liner Sunny Ultra Super Premium Ultimate Bond For beginners with a longer drying time Ultra Super Modern Bond For sensitive clients Sensitive Safety Colourless...
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Eyelash extensions
What are the types of tweezers and which are used in what methods of eyelash extensions application?
Straight tweezers are used to separate natural eyelashes - types A, B, E, F For the application of eyelash extensions by classic methods, less curved tweezers are used - types C, G For the application of eyelash extensions by volume methods, more curved...
What is the difference between the classic and volume method of eyelash extensions application?
In the classic method of eyelash extensions, one artificial eyelash is applied to one natural eyelash. In volume methods of eyelash extensions, more artificial eyelashes are applied to one natural eyelash.
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Are all the goods visible on the e-shop in stock?
Goods that are not currently in stock cannot be added to the cart. This information is visible even when hovering over this product. For goods that are not in stock, it is possible to subscribe and when it is re-stocked, you will receive information...
How do I redeem Smart points?
After collecting a sufficient number of Smart points, you can use them when completing the order in step 5. Your discount will be included automatically. Detailed information can be found here.
How to choose the right size of workwear?
A size chart can be found under each type of clothes.
How to order to other countries?
To order to other country, order the goods on the relevant website and proceed in the usual way: www.smartlashes.sk www.smartlashes.pl www.smartlashes.cz www.smartlashes.de
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How can I pay for my order?
Cash on delivery (COD) – available only in Czech Republic and Slovakia You will pay for order to courier or postman after the delivery. We charge a fee of 30 CZK (Czech Republic)/ 1 € (Slovakia) for this payment method. Order will be sent the same...
What should I do if I have a problem with payment?
In this case, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone at +420 227 272 400.
When will I receive the tax document?
When paying for an order using an online payment or bank transfer, you will receive an invoice with your order. When paying by cash on delivery, you will receive a proforma invoice together with your order. You will receive the invoice by e-mail...
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Can I buy the goods in a shop?
Yes, all goods that are in stock in the e-shop are also available in our shop. The goods can be purchased directly at the shop or ordered at the e-shop and picked up after receiving a confirmation e-mail. Shop address: INTERSMART, s.r.o. Nekvasilova...
Do you also deliver to other countries?
Yes, we deliver to all countries of the world. The price of transport depends on the weight of the package and the country of delivery. Order goods to other countries on the corresponding e-shop: www.smartlashes.sk www.smartlashes.pl www.smartlashes...
How can I track the status of my order?
An e-mail with the tracking number of your order will be sent to you on the day of shipping.
How much does the shipping cost?
CZECH REPUBLIC Česká pošta (Postal Service) Delivery price: 60 CZK (order over 2.000 CZK - free). Delivery time: 7 working days from dispatching. Order tracking: https://www.postaonline.cz/trackandtrace GLS (Courier...
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Reclamation & Return Policy
How to proceed when exchanging or returning goods?
In case of exchange or return of goods, please contact us by phone at +420 227 272 400 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Returns are possible within 14 days of purchase, exchange within a month. In both cases, the goods must be undamaged, in the ...
How to proceed with a reclamation?
In case of a reclamation, contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at +420 227 272 400. Then you will be informed how to reclaim the goods. In most cases, it will be necessary to send the reclaimed goods with an invoice and a request ...
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Terms Dictionary
Allergy test
Especially before the first application of eyelash extensions, it is necessary to perform an allergy test on the client. Find out how to perform an allergy test properly here.
Cashmere eyelashes
Eyelashes with a flattened cross-section for better adhesion of the lash glue suitable for the classic extension method (eyelash to eyelash), but not suitable for volume methods. They are lighter than classic types of eyelashes and are therefore suitable...
Cat effect
To create a cat effect, the shortest lashes are applied to the inner corner of the eye and the longest lashes to the outer corner of the eye.
Classic eyelash extensions
In the classic method of eyelash extensions, one artificial eyelash is applied to one natural eyelash (1: 1).
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