Lash Lifting Lamination Set - LLL

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Fall in the volume perm & lamination set!

Makes the process of curling the natural eyelashes easy and safe. Strong perfect curl lasts for 3 - 4 weeks.

Keratin boost serum contains Pure Keratin that strengthens, thickens, protects natural eyelashes & eyebrows and gives them more energy to grow healthy.


1x- 5g Fixing Gel

1x- 4g Cream #1 (Lift Cream)

1x- 4g Cream #2 (Lift Cream)

1x- 4g Pure Essence (Set Liquid)

1x- 4g Keratin Boost

1x- 4g Tint,Coating

2x - Silicone Pad Set

Instructions for use:

1. Use the gel eye pads to cover the lower lashes.

2. Place a silicon pad with glue on the eyelid linearly in direction of lashes growing. If the silicon pad is too long, cut it with scissors or change it for smaller size.

3. If the silicon pad perfectly adheres to the eyelid, apply thin line of glue (Fixing Gel) on the upper part of the silicon pad. Afterwards, use a cotton bud or a wooden stick and curl lashes one by one on the silicon pad. All lashes must be precisely separated – use brush for combing lashes. If all lashes are equally curled on the silicon pad, we can start application.

4. Apply refining gel on lashes with cotton buds. After application let the product rest for 10 - 15 minutes for thin eyelashes, 15-20 minutes for the normal lashes and 20-25 minutes for the strong and long eyelashes. Then remove gel with cotton buds.

5. Where the lashes are perfectly cleaned from the gel, its time to use fixator. Let the fixator rest for 10-15 minutes for 10 - 15 minutes for thin eyelashes, 15-20 minutes for the normal lashes and 20-25 minutes for the strong and long eyelashes. Then remove the fixator with cotton buds.

6. In the end, apply Pure Essence on upper lashes and let rest for 5 minutes. Apply Pure Essence also for lower lashes.

7. After application Pure Essence, remove silicon pads from the eyelid. Pure Essence will help you effectively and softly remove silicon pads from the eyelid.

8. Apply black colour (Coating) on the eyelashes with cotton swab and let the eyelashes completely dry.

9. In the end, apply a Keratin Boost to the eyelashes. Prevent contact eyes with lotion components.


Please note:

1. Store the product closed at cold place.

2. Use clean cotton buds for each application of the products. Never reuse them.

3. After applying refining gel and fixator, keep lids of the product clean. After each use, properly close the products.

4. In case of contact with eye, use artificial teardrops or distilled water for rinsing off. In case of allergy, consult use with your doctor.

5. Sauna procedures are permitted only on the next day after application of eyelash perm.

6. Do not store the product at warm places or close to the fire.

7. Keep the product out of reach of children.

8. The product is intended only for professional use.

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