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The quality of lighting has a great impact on work efficiency and especially on the health of your eyes. Lack of quality light can cause impaired concentration, fatigue, discomfort, eye and head pain, or other problems. Every salon that wants to provide professional services needs quality lighting according to hygienic standards. Lighting should not create glare and shadows that strain the eyes and can cause poor performance (the study reports up to 30%). It should be emphasized that poor lighting means not only a lack of light, but also too much light.

When choosing lighting, focus primarily on the intensity of the light emitted and its color shade. The ideal lamp should have these parameters adjustable. Also pay attention to the lamp construction itself. If you know it will stand in one place, it is better to choose a more robust base. If you want to move the lamp or travel with the lamp, it is better to choose a light construction. Another option is to firmly screw the lamp to the worktop of the table.

In our offer you will find a whole range of lamps that meet all the above conditions. Thanks to the large selection, you can perfectly harmonize with the interior of your salon.
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17 Items

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