Why maintain the right humidity and temperature when applying eyelashes extensions?

Proper humidity and temperature in the salon is very important when applying eyelashes extensions. Unlike in other professions, it has a direct impact on the quality of work and client satisfaction.


The humidity in the salon when applying eyelashes extensions should be around 50 %. Eyelash glues need moisture for drying properly, which they take from their surroundings. If there is sufficient air humidity in the salon, they take it from the air, but if the humidity in the salon is lower, they can take it from the near surroundings, which, in most cases, is the client's skin. This can cause dry skin of the eyelids, redness of the eyes and other allergic symptoms.

It is therefore necessary to monitor the correct humidity in the salon using hygrometers and, if necessary, use special humidifiers.

Digital hygrometer with thermometer

 Air humidifier with coloured backlight


The temperature in the salon is also important, not only for the comfort of clients who lie motionless for a long time, and can feel cold, but above all to maintain the correct consistency, function and durability of the products. Most eyelash glues and other products must be stored in a cool, dry place, between 5 - 25 °C without temperature fluctuations and out of direct sunlight. If, especially eyelash glues, they are exposed to temperature fluctuations, their consistency and properties will change, and thus their application will be more complicated and applied eyelashes extensions will last for much shorter time. It is also important to shake the eyelashes glue well before use. It is a matter of course that the application of eyelashes extensions must be performed only if the client's eyes are closed.

If you are not sure whether you can prevent temperature fluctuations in your salon, choose eyelashes glues with a more durable composition, especially in summer and in the winter at the beginning of the heating season. Also observe the expiration date and do not use the eyelash glue after it has expired.

 Glue Shaker

Eyelash Glue Sunny 10 ml