Ideal humidity for eyelash extensions application

Ideal humidity for eyelash extensions application

How to achieve the most comfortable application of eyelashes extensions, safe for you and your clients, and so eyelashes extensions will last for as long as possible? There is a simple answer to this question - it is necessary to ensure sufficient air humidity in the salon. Lash glues absorb moisture from their surroundings for their polymerization. If the humidity is not sufficient, more than 50 %, the joints between the eyelashes extensions will not be strong enough. In addition, you or your clients will feel it for themselves. Vapours of glue will penetrate the respiratory tract, irritate the throat and eyes. They can also cause redness and dryness of the skin of the hands, face and eyelids.

All these inconveniences can be easily avoided by providing sufficient humidity in several ways:

  • Use humidifiers and choose their volume and performance according to the size of the room where you apply the eyelashes extensions. Be sure to choose a model that will suit you not only with its features but also with its design, you can also choose from humidifiers with coloured backlight.
  • Do not forget the air circulation, if you cannot provide it for example by air conditioning, at least often open windows.
  • Neutralize lash glues residues. If you do not use the whole drop, add a small amount of Neutralizer, Primer, or plain water to it. The lash glue will polymerize within a few seconds and stops releasing vapours unnecessarily.
  • Put a wet napkin under the crystal with glue. This will give the lash glue enough moisture and the vapours will not irritate your eyes or skin.
  • Do not hesitate to interrupt your work and drink, follow a regular drinking regime.
  • Try the nebulizer. It transforms the water into a fine mist, which accelerates the polymerization of the glue, so it does not irritate the eyelids and their surroundings after the application of eyelashes extensions. Use the nebulizer for 10-20 seconds from a distance of 30-40 cm from the lashes. The water from the nebulizer must not fall directly on the glue, which would then turn white and form a messy coating on the lashes.
  • Take advantage of the highly efficient Smart Lashes local humidifier. It is a plastic protective shield with a holder for a cotton pad, which you simply wet with water and put into the holder. The pad can retain moisture throughout the day and minimizes the harmful effects of lash glue vapours on your health. The local humidifier can be placed directly on the face or on a hygienic face mask. You can also offer it to more sensitive clients, who will immediately breathe better and unpleasant feelings such as irritation or dry throat will disappear.

Humidifier with coloured backlight

Protective shield with humidifer

Glue odour Neutralizer 


All of the above methods of maintaining sufficient air humidity in the salon can be used individually, but you will achieve the best results by combining them.