Hygienic rules for eyelashes extensions

Following hygienic rules at work should be matter of course for everyone. What rules are important for eyelashes extensions application? Always focus not only on the safety of your clients but also on yours.


To simplify and speed up the application of eyelashes extensions, it is necessary to properly prepare all the necessary tools. Make sure you have everything you need prepared in advance and within reach. For example, if you need to get up and turn off the ringing cell phone, adjust the lights, or bring a forgotten tool during the application of eyelashes extensions, you must disinfect your hands and any tools which you touched with contaminated hands. However, if you have everything ready in advance, you only need to wash and disinfect your hands once with each customer. When choosing a hand sanitizer, pay attention not only to the effectiveness, but also to the hydrating elements and the pleasant scent, after all, you will use it very often.


Don't forget to properly hydrate your hands with your favourite moisturizer so all that washing, and disinfecting doesn't dry them out. In addition, they can dry out thanks to eyelashes glues, which need air humidity to harden - even here, proper and frequent hydration with a quality hand cream will help keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Hand disinfection Pure

Hand disinfection Cherry

Hand disinfection Green Olive



Protective equipment

The use of face- mask is necessary, not only to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases to the client, but also to remove any aromatic breath after a great Italian lunch or morning coffee. Furthermore, you can be safely leaning over the sleeping client without disturbing her by your breath. In protective equipment we can also include apron, which should be a necessary part of your uniform. It protects your regular clothes from possible accidents and damage and looks professional.

Hygienic 3-layer face mask

Apron Carolina

4-layer face mask with carbon filter


When working, it is necessary to regularly disinfect not only your hands, but also tools and all surfaces. To disinfect the tools, follow the valid decree issued by the Ministry of Health. If you want to support the cleanliness and safety of your salon, you can use a germicidal lamp to disinfect surfaces, in addition to common cleaning products and disinfectants. Using ozone and UV radiation, the germicidal lamp removes bacteria, viruses, and other problematic particles such as pollen or mould spores in 15 minutes. However, keep in mind that the radiation can be dangerous for you or your pets, so leave the room and turn on the lamp safely with the remote control. You can also use a germicidal bulb, which works in a similar way to a lamp, but you can insert it into your lighting instead of a classic bulb. For smaller objects such as your keys, mobile phones, and others, you can also use a portable UV lamp, simply shine on the objects for about 20 seconds. The UV sterilizer is also very practical, in which you insert the disinfected object and after 6 minutes everything is ready. It is also great for disinfecting face masks.

Germicidal UV lamp with ozone generator

Germicidal UV lamp

UV sterilizer


Disposable accessories

However, some tools are for single use only. These include gel pads, hypoallergenic adhesive tapes, combing and application brushes and more. Don't forget to use disposable sheets for cosmetic beds and cosmetic caps, headbands or napkins for customers.

Gold Edition Gel pads

Hypoallergenic Paper Tape

Micro Brushes


Pay attention not only to the protection of your clients but also to their comfort. One of the unpleasant experiences for them can be taking off their shoes at the entrance to the salon, when they then must cross the entire space in socks or even barefoot. It is not hygienic or pleasant and can be easily prevented with prepared slippers, shoe covers, or a shoe mat prepared next to the lounger.