How to make the ideal eyebrow shape

The eyebrows are a very important element of every face. They can change the overall impression of the face, compensate for minor imperfections in the shape and position of the eyes, and even rejuvenate the wearer by a few years. The definition of the ideal eyebrow shape changes over time, just like hairstyles or fashion. Sometimes it is an eyebrow plucked into a thin line, other times it is an eyebrow as thick as possible and looking almost untidy.

However, if you want a natural-looking eyebrow that suits everyone, regardless of current trends, here are some tips.

Painless adjustments

Before you start adjusting your eyebrows, expect that you will have to pluck a hair here and there. If you have more sensitive skin, it is best to wash your face first with warm water, which will open the pores in the skin and thus the plucking will not hurt so much. On the contrary, it helps some women to cool their eyebrows with an ice cube wrapped in a bath towel, which numbs their skin and makes plucking less painful. In general, if you adjust your eyebrows regularly, plucking will not hurt at all. Don't be afraid of a slight reddening of the skin after plucking, it is normal and will soon disappear, you can speed it up by applying an ice cube. You can then treat the skin with a soothing aloe vera ointment.


Good lighting is important, so even the finest hairs can be seen, as well as quality tweezers. It should be neither too sharp so as not to injure the skin around the eyebrows, nor blunt so as not to slip on the eyebrows.

Careful planning of the desired shape is essential for the final appearance of the entire eyebrows. You can use special rulers to help you design the perfect shape but remember that every eyebrow is different and don't try to get your eyebrows into a "ruler" shape at all costs. You can follow several rules for the ideal shape of the eyebrows and mark the desired shape with an eyebrow pencil or string for eyebrow architecture.


 Microblading pencil

 Plastic ruler for eyebrows

Mapping string


Basic rules

When adjusting your eyebrows, don't move your eyebrows, look neutral. Pluck you eyebrow one hair after another, plucking will not hurt so much and there is no risk that you will accidentally pull out more hairs that you want. Do not spend too much time plucking your eyebrows to avoid pulling out too many hairs, rather take breaks to evaluate the shape. Unlike hair, plucked eyebrow hairs may never grow all over again. Proceed from the outer end of the eyebrows and finish one eye first and then start with the other. The hairs are mainly pulled out of the lower line of the eye, thanks to which the eye opens beautifully optically, but if you are upset by any hairs outside the desired shape from the top of the eyebrows, you can of course also pull them out. Light hairs, which are not visible at first sight, can sometimes be problematic too, because they can reflect light and spoil the final impression.

Ideal shape

You can find out the ideal shape of a natural eyebrow in a simple way and mark it with the already mentioned eyebrow pencil or eyebrow architecture thread.

The eyebrows should start above the inner corner of the eye, so you can pull out anything that extends beyond the root of the nose without any worries. Eyebrows too close together give the face a frown and visually shrink the eyes. Conversely, if you pull your eyebrows above your eyes, your eyes will look unnaturally far apart. The beginning of both eyebrows should be at the same height.

You can find the end of the eyebrows by placing a pencil or string on the side of the nose and connecting it to the outer corner of the eye. Where this line intersects your eyebrows is its ideal ending.

Finally, it is important to determine the highest point of the eyebrows, the so-called arch. You will find it if you look directly in front of you and guide the pencil or thread from the side of the nose through the iris of the eye until it crosses the eyebrows again. The arch is very important, it can open the view, rejuvenate, and optically reduce the fallen eyelids. The arches should be the same height for both eyebrows, so you will achieve a beautiful symmetrical shape. Remember, however, that just like hair, each eyebrow grows a little differently for each, and do not try to achieve a completely identical shape. Our face is also not perfectly symmetrical, so our eyebrows may not be.

And it is done

You can complement the finished eyebrows with your favourite eyebrow products, whether you are used to eyebrow pencil, shadow, or gel. Just be careful, freshly irritated skin from plucking should rest for a while first.