Representatives of the gentle sex long ago tried to do something special for their beauty and to enchant men. Decisive was their social class. Look of their eyes was the main object of men's interest. Therefore women and girls started to decorate their eyes and lashes in various ways. Focus on their look caused increasing admiration of men. They decorated not only lashes, but also eyelids, using available colours mainly of natural origin. They embellished their lashes with various minerals, herbs, natural oils and other means. They used to glue these lash decorations with natural waxes. Slowly they came up with an idea of Eyelash Extension achieved by gluing pieces of hair or soft animal hair. As an example we can mention the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who was famous for her cosmetic accessories, eye makeup, lash tinting and hair colouring.

In general it is believed that this Eyelash Extension procedure was developed at the beginning and during the middle of the 20th century, when the legendary make-up artist and innovator Max Factor was already worldwide famous. This man was the first makeup artist of Hollywood celebrities. In 1927 Max Factor created expensive lashes, making an inestimable contribution to fashion industry and cosmetology. They were made for an actress Phyllis Haver playing a role of Roxie in one of the most famous musicals „Chicago“. Spectators were fascinated by look of the girl in the title role, created by the makeup artist Max Factor himself. This man unforgettably contributed to development of cosmetology. His world-famous makeup collections bearing his name are used up to this day.

Another important jump in Eyelash Extension development in 1950' was represented by False Lashes that were available not only for the rich and famous but also for the general public. Even if the technology of False Lashes was improved and price decreased considerably, they were still worn only by actresses and ladies from high society.

Nowadays everyone can buy False Lashes. Their application is possible not only in beauty salon, but also at home. They have become very popular and for many girls and women they are indispensable in the same way as hair colouring, beauty treatment or manicure. In the 21st century makeup artists developed a brand new technology and they created lashes that look almost naturally. This lash type was formed by line of lashes connected with knots. They were glued with special adhesive in the mass.

The interesting phase in lash technology development came at the beginning of the 21st century. Japanese scientists created individual lashes for each eyelash. But they did not manage to create lash that would look as the natural one. It had unnatural properties and structure – thickness of the lash was greater than of the natural one. Lash research procedure was more difficult than expected. But the fact that people were very interested in this product supported their further research. It is said that the first man who solved the Eyelash Extension issue was the Japanese make-up artist Shu Uemura in 2003 and pop singer Madonna who became first celebrity with real mink eyelash extensions.

Very popular nowadays is the Japanese technology and therefore many advertisements insinuate that it is possible to use hair of mink, sable, etc. But when we take into account possibility of allergies or other undesired effects this is not feasible. Materials for False Lashes production are made of synthetic hair with naturally identical properties. All materials for this Eyelash Extension type must undergo a very strict quality control and they are subjected to certification if they don't damage natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension and Building

Today you don't have to deal with issue of short and thin eyelashes anymore. You can get alluring lashes by visiting a beauty salon. Top Smart Lashes 3D Eyelash Extension and Building technology is on the market. Put yourself in hands of your cosmetician to get a charming look.

3D Eyelash Extension Method presents the innovative introduction in Eyelash Extension. The application itself consists in adhesion of False Lashes on natural lashes using the ultra strong lash glue. The application is trouble-free thanks to non-allergic adhesives for sensitive clients offered by cosmetic companies.

3D lash effect is achieved with a special Eyelash Extension technology, when False Lashes are glued in two lines. With this proceeding each lash gets extended by a false lash of corresponding length, thickness and curl. Result of this application is guaranteed. Your lashes will be dense and they will create an impression of extra volume.

3D False Lashes are applied 0,5 mm from the outer line of the lid. Such eyelash extensions must be refilled every 3-4 weeks. Lashes grow similarly to hair. Very important is also the eyelash extensions care at home.

You can decorate your eyelash extensions with various accessories. The most popular is lash building with Colour Lashes or lash clusters. 3D Lashes are gorgeous with Colour Crystals in various shadows and designs. Decorated eyelash extensions will arouse everyone's interest.

Do not forget to take care of eyelash extensions at home. Give your eyelashes strengthening and rejuvenating treatment. There are effective serums and lash drops on the market. Or try guaranteed home remedies as almond or castor oil.