Lash Adhesive - F1 glue - 5 ml

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Drying time: 0.5 s
Durability: 8 weeks
Size: 5 ml
Color: black
Usable: within 1,5 month after opening

F1 lash glue represents the latest generation of SMART LASHES glues, which meet the needs of modern lash stylists.

  • Fast-drying glue with instant fixation is intended for professionals who are looking for real quality in the world of eyelash extensions.
  • The F1 glue is characterized by an ultra-fast drying time of 0.5 seconds. You will appreciate this feature especially during volumetric extension, when a higher speed is needed when working with fans. But it certainly won't disappoint you even with classic eyelash extensions.
  • The adhesive shows a high degree of elasticity, the glue joints are flexible, and thanks to this, wearing artificial eyelashes is very pleasant. It has a reduced vapor content and is also suitable for very sensitive clients.
  • The result of the extension is a precise clean application without unwanted lumpy glue joints.
  • F1 glue is not intended for gluing eyelashes with open eyes and is more suitable for experienced lash stylists.
  • The shelf life of eyelashes depends on the correct application and regular care of the client for extended eyelashes.
  • The bottle contains approximately 205 drops.

SMART TIP: The improved composition of F1 lash glue minimizes the occurrence of irritation and allergic manifestations.

Important details:

  •  All Smart Lashes are certified and meet the criteria for cosmetic products.
  •  Adhesives may only be used by professionally trained personnel.
  •  Before using the adhesive, make the adhesive test for the customer.
  •  If you experience an allergic reaction, do not use the product!
  •  Increased incidence of allergies is caused by the season - pollen and also the heating season.
  •  Adhesives should be kept cool and dry (5 - 25 °C).
  •  Apply in a sufficiently humid (50 %) and ventilated environment.
  •  Leave the adhesive at room temperature for one hour before use.
  •  Shake glue thoroughly before use.
  •  Avoid contact with skin and eyes when applying adhesive.
  •  The client must keep his eyes closed for the whole time of application!
  •  Do not expose the adhesive to overheating, freezing and direct sunlight
  •  Standard: ISO 9001

Once opened, the adhesive should be used within 1,5 month.

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