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False Lashes Guide

Smart Lashes False Lashes

The Smart Lashes brand offers huge range of various types of eyelash extensions. The experienced cosmetician can choose correct dimensions and types of false lashes for the application. She is able to perform a very difficult treatment and she can fulfil wishes even of the most demanding client. However, the right choice of lashes may be difficult for beginners.

We offer you a brief overview of lashes offered by Smart Lashes.

Synthetic Lashes

We distinguish these basic parameters in order to select eyelashes: length, thickness, curl and also properties of the material of which they have been made.


Lash length

Length of false lashes ranges from 6 to 20 mm. Lengths ranging from 8 to 15 mm are the most used. Short lashes are suitable for application in the inner corner of the eye, while longer lashes are designed for extension of the outer part of the eye and to achieve various effects. False lashes with length of 16 mm and more are ideal for eyelash extension of clients with anatomically bigger eyes.

Cosmetician chooses lashes individually with regard to the length of natural lashes and to the required effect. For example in case of „natural effect“ the length of glued lashes is proportionate to the length of natural lashes, shorter lashes – 6-7 mm are glued towards the inner corner and the length is gradually increased towards the outer corner, where it can reach up to 12-14 mm and more. Longer lashes are used to create more expressive effect.

False Lashes length

Lash thickness

Smart Lashes offers lashes with thickness from 0,05 to 0,25 mm.

Lash thicknesses are ideal for various techniques of eyelash extension.

0,05 – volume technique - light effect

0,07 – volume technique - natural effect

0,10 – volume technique - expressive effect

0,15 – 1:1 method - natural effect

0,20 – 1:1 method - expressive effect

0,25 – 1:1 method - extra effect


Lash curl

Another determinative parameter for the application is the lash curl. Smart Lashes offers synthetic eyelashes with: J, B, C and D-curl. Lashes of J and B-type are the least curled. They are suitable to achieve a natural effect. C-type lashes belong to the most used curl type to achieve elegant and attractive effect of eyelash extensions. The most curled are lashes of D-type, ideal for expressive effect.

 False Lashes curl

Material properties

It is important to mention that lashes are made mostly of synthetic materials. Natural hair could be an allergen carrier so it is used only in rare cases. Names of lashes – Silk, Mink, Cashmere, NANO – do not refer to the material but to the lash type. Naturally, shape of synthetic hair is very close to shape of natural lashes.


Mink Lashes are great to create expressive, natural effect. Their flexibility is close to the flexibility of natural lashes. Mink Lashes are mat, with thin ending.

Silk Lashes enable to create voluminous effect without overloading of natural lashes. Glossy lashes with thicker ending are great to achieve an expressive effect.

NANO Lashes are the unique product of the Smart Lashes brand. Lashes are made of high gloss and lightweight material. NANO Lashes are shinier than Silk Lashes. Special structure of material increases adhesion of the glue. When the right application technology is observed, their durability is extended up to 8 weeks.

100% Mink Lashes (Siberian) provide possibility to achieve the absolutely natural look. They can be curled or coloured using a special tint.

Cashmere Lashes have an atypical, flat shape. Therefore the Cashmere Lash perfectly copies shape of the natural lash. The glue provides 100% coverage of the surface of natural lash and fixes it.

Volume Smart Lashes are lashes used for the Volumenous effect. Clusters guarantee bigger volume of eyelashes and they are ideal for XD effects of eyelash extension. Smart Lashes offers 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D clusters with thickness of 0,10 mm.

Colour and Two Tone Lashes are made of coloured polymer. Usually 15-20 coloured lashes are applied along with the black ones. We recommend use of the clear glue Ultra Clear.

Exclusive Diamond Lashes and Beads Lashes represent decorative eyelashes of the Smart Lashes brand. They are ideal to enhance the final makeup, for social events. Diamond Lashes are packaged in a tray and they come in 6 different colours. Decorative Beads Lashes are eyelashes with gold or silver beads.