How to use Smart Lashes lash testers?

You must have noticed our practical novelty - Smart Lashes lash testers. How to prepare and use them to make the most of their potential?

What is a lash tester

Thanks to the lash tester, you can easily show your clients what their lashes will look like after applying eyelashes extensions. It is ideal not only for those who are going to get eyelashes extensions for the first time, but also for those who are moving from the classic effect to the volume effect. Thanks to lash testers, the client will be able to try on the look with different lengths, widths, and curls of lashes, and thus safely choose the type of eyelashes extensions that will suit her the best. With the help of lash testers, you can also show the differences between false eyelashes materials, colours, or effects. This way, clients will always be satisfied with the results of your work.

Preparation of lash testers

Using an applicator, apply a thin layer of clear lash glue to the lash tester and allow to dry. Then start gluing the selected effect to the lash tester according to the services you offer, don’t forget to use your imagination. You can design not only testers for demonstrating classical, volume and other effects, but you can also create a tester with coloured lashes, crystals and other dramatic effects for special occasions.

Using lash testers is simple, just place it next to the natural eyelashes and compare the resulting effect in the mirror.

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Smart Lashes

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